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Regenerating perfect skin

At Sunogel we develop novel therapies to regenerate perfect skin. The loss of skin integrity often leads to disability or even death. Full thickness skin wounds commonly lead to non-functional scar formation. The ability to completely regenerate skin addresses an urgent unmet need in patient care. Learn more.

From the ground up

We’ve been doing this for over a decade. Our research is peer reviewed. Our pro-regenerative hydrogels are easy to apply and adaptable. View our product pipeline.

Scarred or damaged skin excised and Sunogel's pro-regenerative hydrogel applied to regenerate new skin.

Truly meaningful innovation

We are a biotechnology company developing effective regenerative therapies that translate from the lab to the clinic. Our mission is to unlock the body’s innate regenerative power and deliver truly meaningful innovation that can have life-changing impact.

Our lead platform technology enables perfect skin regeneration during deep dermal wound healing, in preclinical models. It allows us to design products for a variety of indications—including burn wounds, diabetic wounds, and cosmetic revisions. We anticipate our product pipeline will revolutionize the wound care market. In developed countries alone over 100 million patients develop scars from elective surgeries each year.

Latest news

Sunogel wins

October 6, 2018

Sunogel wins second prize at the Chinese Association for Science and Technology annual summit, New York City.

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Synthetic Biology Young Scholar Forum

July 7, 2018

Sunogel CEO, Dr Guoming Sun, presents at the 4th Synthetic Biology Young Scholar Forum, Shenzhen.

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Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge presentation

March 15, 2018

Sunogel CEO, Dr Guoming Sun, presents at the 2017 Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge finals, Paris.

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